Coffee Notes

Forager (in San Jose) opened late February 2017.

Devout Coffee brand, San Sebastian beans – from Guatemala, natural process.

Coffee Classes at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in Sacramento at 4749 Folsom Boulevard, East Sacramento.

Coffee books/authors:

In coffees I look for fruity flavors. Usually when coffee people say they taste specific fruit flavors like nectarine, strawberries, etc, I don’t usually taste it. The only kind-of fruit flavor I have ever really been able to taste in a coffee was blueberries in a coffee from Ethiopia (unfortunately, I don’t remember which one specifically).

The best coffee I’ve ever had was Guji Highland by Devout, but unfortunately, its season is over. I don’t know whether it will have another season in the future. Forager Tasting Room and Eatery in Downtown San Jose uses their beans, but I’m not sure if they sell whole beans. Another really good coffee I’m having lately is San Sebastian, also by Devout. Other good coffee bean producers are Verve (Santa Cruz) and Temple (Sacramento). I haven’t enjoyed any coffees from Allegro, which is too bad, because Whole Foods carries a lot of their beans. Starbucks coffees mostly taste like burnt coal, and Philz Coffee “Lighter Blend” “Sooo Good” also tastes burnt.

Raspberry Pi plot of temperature/humidity/pressure data

Improvements to be made:

  • convert x axis to utc time and make ticks at every hour or every few hours
  • add: light intensity sensor (for sun), rain gauge, wind direction/speed
  • move the temperature sensor out of sunlight to reduce effects from radiant heat, and move it farther away from the window to reduce influence from indoor temperature
  • put pressure on its own axis so it doesn’t need to be divided
  • add units to everything (pressure is in hPa)
  • list everything it took to build my setup


Raspberry Pi 3

MCM Electronics Raspberry Pi 3 Project Kit with GPIO Breakout, Breadboard and Components (On Amazon, which reports it for about $87.99, but it was at Fry’s for $82.99). This is a great starter kit, but is unsupported. The company that made it, MCM Electronics, was apparently bought or merged, and whoever is now in control chose to no longer support the users of this kit, because the starter guide that a piece of paper in the kit refers to doesn’t exist anywhere on MCM’s website (or anywhere on the internet; I searched for at least 20 minutes to no avail).

Humidity/Temperature Sensor


Pressure sensor


Waterproof temperature sensors

Vktech 5pcs 2M Waterproof Digital Temperature Temp Sensor Probe DS18b20, on Amazon.

A great tutorial of how to use the temperature sensors:

Where to find more Raspberry-Pi-like computers: I haven’t looked through it thoroughly, but my brother told me about it. Raspberry Pi seems to be the one that gets the press and is made as a starter kit for beginners, and possibly even started the idea (don’t quote me on that; this is just speculation).

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