Coffee Notes

Forager (in San Jose) opened late February 2017.

Devout Coffee brand, San Sebastian beans – from Guatemala, natural process.

Coffee Classes at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in Sacramento at 4749 Folsom Boulevard, East Sacramento.

Coffee books/authors:

In coffees I look for fruity flavors. Usually when coffee people say they taste specific fruit flavors like nectarine, strawberries, etc, I don’t usually taste it. The only kind-of fruit flavor I have ever really been able to taste in a coffee was blueberries in a coffee from Ethiopia (unfortunately, I don’t remember which one specifically).

The best coffee I’ve ever had was Guji Highland by Devout, but unfortunately, its season is over. I don’t know whether it will have another season in the future. Forager Tasting Room and Eatery in Downtown San Jose uses their beans, but I’m not sure if they sell whole beans. Another really good coffee I’m having lately is San Sebastian, also by Devout. Other good coffee bean producers are Verve (Santa Cruz) and Temple (Sacramento). I haven’t enjoyed any coffees from Allegro, which is too bad, because Whole Foods carries a lot of their beans. Starbucks coffees mostly taste like burnt coal, and Philz Coffee “Lighter Blend” “Sooo Good” also tastes burnt.

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