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Data I track (this is not a complete list, just the things I managed to find/remember so far). I hope to eventually have at least one blog post regarding each one of these. If I get enough blog posts for a single topic, I’ll turn it into a category/tag/label and link to it. This post is pinned.

San Jose Parking Garage Data ( (since 2018-05-22)

  • Health:
    • Basis Peak wristwatch (need to dig around to find out when I got it, but it was totally recalled and service officially shut down on 2016-12-31)
    • Fitbit Charge 2 wristwatch (need to find when I started using it). By creating an Open Humans account and connecting your Fitbit account, you can download/view your data for free online in a Jupyter Notebook. It’s not necessary to write any code, because they already wrote the code. All you have to do is run the cells by clicking a cell and typing either shift-return or option-return (or meta-return depending on your operating system).
    • Symple iPhone health tracker
    • Weight using a Garmin Index Smart Scale (since December 2016)
    • Sleep time using Azumio’s iPhone “Sleep Time” app, but unfortunately I don’t know of any way to get my raw data out of it – they just let you download the times when you hit the start/stop sleep buttons (since August 2013), which would just be a repeat of what I already have in aTimeLogger
    • Apple Health (just for the functionality of downloading the data from all the applications that integrate with it)
  • Time:
    • aTimeLogger 2 (2013-01 to 2013-03, then consistently from 2013-10 to present (2018-01))
    • RescueTime (since July 2015)
    • Transportation
      • MileLogger (automatic drive capturing) (since December 2017)
      • Waze, but they don’t let you download your data and only let you see a very shallow view, limited to the last 30-or-so days, and I don’t know when I started because they don’t let you download any of your data
  • Money: YNAB (since October 2013); the old iPhone version (which used to be the only version but got renamed to “Classic” when they introduced a new app) that I still have stopped syncing properly a few iOS updates ago. I didn’t update because according to reviews, there are still problems with it. Their new app is a subscription model, but I haven’t used the budgeting features since 2013 anyways (I only use it for tracking transactions) so I don’t see enough value in paying a subscription for this when I could get functionality equivalent to what I use from the application by using an Excel spreadsheet. So now I only use the desktop version.
  • Weather:
  • Computer (since January 2016):
    • every second, current application and title of current window (since December 2017) (see blog post Personal RescueTime (Computer activity time tracker))
    • every hour
      • `uptime`
      • firefox processes: `ps aux | grep -i [f]irefox`
      • memory usage of windowserver (windowing system on mac computers)
    • every 2.5 hours: network and location: public IP, gps coordinates, output of `/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -I` and `ifconfig`
    • every 8 hours: disk usage: `df -h .`
    • every day: disk size of iPhone backup: `echo $(du -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/) $(du -hs ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/)
    • battery status `pmset -g batt`, every hour 2017-07-26–2018-03-04, every 10 minutes 2018-03-05-present
  • Other:
    • Nomie 2 (makes it easy to manually track many little things) (since January 2018)
    • Family AT&T Data Usage (since January 2017)
    • Things I track (i.e. this blog post, since 2018-01-15)

I’m interested in figuring out whether it’s possible for someone with a Garmin fitness tracker that tracks location data to be able to download the raw location data. I would expect it to be a list of latitude/longitude with their respective timestamps, every few seconds or minute depending on the situation.
Another possibility is also to use a USB data tracker like
And a weather station like; it says it’s $30.01 off, down from $180.00 to $149.99 on 2018-01-21. (see price history at

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