Apple Reminders Tips

Apple Reminders is a bit buggy. If you have a ton of reminders like I do, it can start exhibiting some strange behavior.

If you see a reminder that’s missing a description, BE CAREFUL. There’s a possibility that what you’re seeing is not what’s truly there – and in that case, any recent modifications you made to tasks (edits/deletions/marked completions) might have modified the wrong tasks. If you just deleted any tasks, you should hit the undo button to un-delete any tasks that you just deleted. After undoing any deletions, quit Reminders, and reopen it. Hopefully, at that point, things will be correct and you’ll be able to proceed as normal. (If you quit reminders after deleting tasks, there’s no way to get the tasks back unless you have a Time Machine backup, and even then I’m not sure how to get those reminders back. It would be a big hassle). Read more Apple Reminders Tips